Meet Leesa Simpson: Australian sewing box queen

Leesa is one driven and inspiring woman. She launched her first concept, Sew Boxes almost two years ago and since has expanded with other boxes designed for children (school holiday entertainment!), seasonal boxes and about to launch the new Fabric Boxes – perfect for us quilters.

Not content with just this, she is involved with charities, her own sewing business plus the business of having two kids! We are thrilled to work with Leesa and learn a little more about the woman behind the brand.

Leesa 004

What is your current creative/quilting/sewing focus?

Running a small business and being Mum to two school aged kids, I would imagine I am like many – about 8 projects on the go at the same time!  With the launch of our new Fabric Box – I am enjoying playing with the new colour palettes and mixing them up with some of my favourite patterns .

What is your short and long term goals?

Sew Boxes is my goal!  Short term we are finally finding our niche and will be focusing on our amazing subscription boxes that inspire people to sew.  Long term (hopefully not too long)  we aspire to moving into new markets, especially New Zealand – oh and I want to have more time to sew – don’t we all.

Fabric Box Winter 16

The visual sneak peek for the new Fabric Box, coming July

What is your approach in your work?

Often I am described as a whirlwind…..  I always have so much going on.  Patterns, fabrics, talking to local businesses, find cool sewing tools and trying to test it all in my home sewing studio.  I am a list maker and diary date planner, so that helps.  Working on your own from home can be isolating but my customers, focus groups and online sewing friends are part of my daily routine.

How has your business developed over the years?

Sew Box is a baby – almost two years old, kind of like a toddler who is finding their way…. walking and exploring.  My background in shopping centre management and business development lead me to this place.  The idea was there and the desire to spend more hands on time with my kids as a single parent.  I went from a 40 hour week with a corporate company to 100 (lol) hours with Sew Boxes…..  the difference is I am here for them.  Like many small businesses we have sometimes strayed from the path but this has helped develop our core products and confirmed where we really want to be – a leader in sewing subscription boxes in Australia.

What drew your to this specific area?

Like so many I was taught to sew at a young age from my Mum and Nana.  My youth was spend creating and working with my parents at craft markets selling our hand made soap.  Having worked through the 90’s for a fabulous homewares chain,  I developed the eye for matching and mixed designs, for helping people create design ideas that worked and became a leader in the field.  Although I moved into a more corporate world the desire to create has always been there.  Putting together a Box is the most wonderful thing – especially when they arrive and people LOVE them!

What is your proudest moment?

Leaving behind the security of a job, to take a risk on my dreams.  Sew Boxes was the original sewing subscription in Australia and we pride ourselves on our amazing products.  They bring so much joy to so many, and receiving emails and messages from delighted customers makes my heart soar!

Anything else you would like to add?

Sew Box focuses on sewing for people of all ages an ability.  Sew Box, Sew Box Mini Me, Sew Box Seasons and Fabric Box are our focus products in 2016, with some specialty kits and ideas for sewing fun!


Thanks Leesa. We loved learning a little more about you and your business and hope others follow along.

You can find Sew Boxes online here.


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