Don’t Be A Palooza Loser!

So you’ve seen our Cushion Palooza competition, drooled over the amazing prizes and really want to enter…


…you think that sewing with zips is some kind of serious witchcraft that only the most seasoned sewists can achieve.  And by seasoned we mean “experienced”, not “drunk”!  (Although that would make sense too.)


Well my friend, we’re here to tell you that just ain’t true!  Zips are much easier to sew than any of us expected when we first tried, but even if we don’t get you giving at least one zipper a go, there are plenty of other ways to finish your cushion.  We’ve rounded up some tutorials to help you – there are zipper methods, buttons, and even the simplest of envelope styles – so there’s no excuse not to get making and enter the MMR Cushion Palooza!

Zip It, Zip It Real Good

This tutorial from Hey There Home is made especially for absolute beginners and holds your hand throughout.

Most of us use this great enclosed zipper tutorial from Ms Midge to finish our cushions.

Or you can try an invisible zipper using this tutorial from Sew Katie Did.

Button Up

If you really don’t want to sew a zipper, or just fancy doing something a little different, then how about this button closure tutorial from Quilt Jane.

Pushing The Envelope

But if you want to spend all your creative energy on the main feature of the cushion and keep the construction as simple as possible, you can use an envelope method, like this one from The Sewing Loft

The Finish Line

Now that you’ve decided on your construction method, how about a little frou-frou to finish?

These tutorials from Made Everyday and The Seasoned Homemaker show you how to make and add piping to your cushion.


Or you can bind it just like a quilt. Once again Ms Midge is on hand to show us how.

But for the ultimate in pom(p) and ceremony, add pompoms!  Gnome Angel rocks the pompom cushion in this tutorial!

All Shapes and Sizes Can Win Big Prizes!

Finally, who says your cushion has to be square?  Go wild with shapes!  Size isn’t an issue either – we love ’em tall, short, fat or skinny!

So has that got your creative juices flowing?

Good!  Now, go forth and MAKE!


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