Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends, Good Times!

We’ve learned a new phrase recently.

“Retreat hangover” was coined by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts as a way to describe how you feel once all the excitement of a fantastic weekend away with your tribe is over.  Suddenly you’re back in the “real world” with people who will only listen to so much quilt talk before they unsubtly change the subject, and life seems a little duller for a few days.

We instantly knew what she meant.  We had the hangover too.

I’d have to use all my fingers and take my socks off to count up the number of times I’ve sat down to try to write a blog post about the inaugural Modern Makers Retreat.  It’s impossible to put into words exactly what happened that weekend – it was truly magical.  But then I realised I don’t need to write anything!  I can let our attendees do the talking…. with no fear of eye-rolling or subject changing!

In the first of our Modern Makers Retreat October 2016 reviews, let’s talk nosh.

We were so lucky to have had Le Boatwood recommended to us to cater for the retreat.  Not only is she an amazing cook (and you’ll see why I use that specific adjective in a moment!) but she’s also a maker, producing the most beautiful crochet (you can find her on IG as @teaandcakehandmade).  We quickly realised she was part of our tribe and there’s no doubt she was one of the elements that made our weekend so special.

Here’s what our attendees had to say about Le and her food…


“Amazing….I want to marry her.”

“Amazing amazing amazing.”

“Le is amazing, her food was amazing wish she cooked for me everyday.”

“Absolutely amazing food – so fresh, so delicious, so good!”

“Bloody hell, I wanna steal her & bring her home with me! Amazing find.”

“Incredible. Amazing. Sensational. The best!! Loved that it was fresh and healthy food.”




“Oh. Em. Gee. Far out. Her catering far exceeded my expectations. She was incredible.”

“Waaaay beyond any expectations I could have even dreamed up! The food was amazing, but also the presentation, the washing up, and the fact that Le was ‘one of us’ all made it perfect.”

“Top notch.”

“Absolutely superb – it was all so yummy and the presentation was gorgeous!”


“Phenomenal!!!  Fresh and delicious – definitely great value for money.”
“Wish we could have Le for every event.”
“I’d love some of her recipes.”




“I didn’t really think of it at the time, but Le doing some of the dishes and cleaning up was fabulous! Made it easier on us.”

“Le is a food goddess.”



And just when we thought she couldn’t be anymore wonderful, Le brought along some of her gorgeous crochet for show and tell while we ate…



Thanks Le.  It honestly wouldn’t have been the same without you!




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