A Space To Create

When we were looking for a venue for our first Modern Makers Retreat, we knew we wanted somewhere a bit special.  What we actually found was somewhere exceptional!

Create@Warburton is a venue set up specifically as a craft retreat, by a crafter who was looking for somewhere special to getaway with her own tribe.  The star of the show is without doubt the HUGE craft table!  And the lighting was so good we could sew from early in the morning to, well, early the next morning actually!

The rest of the house is beautifully furnished with a collection of retro furniture.  But it’s the attention to detail that really sets Create apart.  The work of local artists adorn the walls; handmade cushions and quilts lay on the beds and sofas; amazing little creations are scattered around the house.  And it all comes together in one characterful package that led us to resort to the well-worn Aussie description “it’s the vibe of the thing…”

Add to that a beautiful setting, where parrots pop by the deck to say g’day (umm, not literally) and trees as far as the eye can see… it’s a place to relax the soul as well as to inspire it.

Here’s what our attendees had to say about Create@Warburton


“The craft table and lighting etc was perfect!”

“Loved the extra spaces. Loved having a spot for Clair’s pop up shop. Loved the sewing table! Loved the sitting area and view. Just perfect really.”

“The lighting was incredible – the big windows were great, especially in the arvo with the sun coming in, and the overhead lights were fantastic. A huge fan of having a beautiful view/nature outside.”

“Amazing views, felt comfortable, light was great for purpose.”



“Gorgeous character!”

“Amazing views, felt comfortable, light was great for purpose.”

“LOVED it! Lock it in again :-)”

“I can’t find any fault with it.Having never been on a retreat before, I could of been in a tent and not minded! Great proximity for me, beautiful environment.”

“The bedrooms were so cute and I loved all the little touches!”

“Comfortable beds and bedding. Cute little touches such as the little vases of flowers.”

“It felt like a childhood sleepover, giggling and talking after lights out, that part was good fun.”

“Location was great. close enough to Melbourne that you don’t waste too much sewing time getting there, but the location was secluded enough from town / Melbourne that you felt you were really ‘getting away’.”
“Just far enough to be in nature and somewhere new, but not too far.”


Huge thanks to Kerrie, owner of Create@Warburton for putting together such a special place and sharing it with us!




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