Girt By Me: Exploring the Dark Centre


I think this centre medallion was the most exciting part for me. I love EPP! I actually have three projects on the go right now. Wait … four! I love hand stitching and will happily go home at the end of the work day and stitch a little while watching Netflix!

I think the most difficult thing for me was deciding how it would look. My interpretation is very different to the pattern. But that’s the beauty of it right? It’s my interpretation. Making it my own.

I knew I wanted it to be dark and moody but have light and shade so you could see the defined star. The darkest fabrics are used in the middle and then surrounded by the greys.



My tips for EPP:

  • I use Sewline glue pen though I’m told that a regular glue stick works just as well.
  • A rotating mat works well when you are cutting these templates. I also have a mirror but I didn’t fussy cut or pattern match with this EPP.
  • A fine needle will be so much better. I use these number 11 Milliners needles. I pick up just two threads on each side of the papers so the fine needle is perfect!
  • I know everyone loves the new Aurifil 80 weight but I use Bottom Line Thread 60 weight. I’ve just bought some Aurifil to try. First attempts I kept breaking it as it is so lovely and soft. I guess I’m tough when I’m hand stitching.
  • I just bought a rubber thimble on the weekend and getting used to it. Not convinced yet. Might need some of those dots?
  • Highly recommend taking a look at some videos before you start. You really need to be careful the direction you glue the fabric down (I did well with the centre papers but a little iffy on the outside pieces).

I talk about these tips and answer a few other questions in the Facebook Live video I did last week, which you can find here.

I’m by no means an expert but having done this for around 4 years now, probably more advanced than a newbie. Hope I’ve helped and if you have any questions – let me know!


Happy EPP’ing


PS. In the interest of being honest and transparent … and trying to help others, here is my ‘behind’!



3 thoughts on “Girt By Me: Exploring the Dark Centre

  1. beedazed says:

    Ali. You are so brilliant. I love your latest work. Will forward this to Hazel. She does quilting the EPP way. Love your links. Lyn X


  2. Mikki Anderson says:

    Loving the dark center!
    The Thimble Pads are the only thing I will use. I make sure my hands are clean before applying and I can use one pad for probably 8-10 days before I have to get a new one.
    I am also a hard tugger when I EPP. After many years of trying different threads I now only use YLI invisible thread, comes in smoke and clear. It’s 4mm think (thin?), think silk thread thin, yet super strong and the stitches disappear even if I have gone too deep with my needle. I use the clear for everything except black which gets the smoke color.


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