Girt by me: my biggest challenge

One of the original intentions of the Girt by Sea quilt was to be a skill builder. To bring our wide community together to share skills. To try something new for those that don’t have a lot of experience or to be able to stretch your limits for those that do.

The first medallion was possibly the hardest for most – English paper piecing. But for me, I found it easy. I’ve been doing EPP for about 4 years.

Next up was HST’s and ECT’s. Again, not a new skill for me.

So this round is about applique. Thanks to my business making children’s clothes and toys, I’ve done quite a bit of both raw edge and fusible interfacing applique. So I thought I would try something different. Something new to me. Challenge myself!

Girt by Sea_Jane_Third round_4.JPG

Lots of stitching on the go – here at the park watching the kids during school holidays!

I’ve never (ever!) done needle turn applique. It couldn’t be that hard right? I’ve done a bit of hand sewing in my time. Surely this will be a breeze!

Well …. it was. And it wasn’t. I was concerned that this method would look terrible if I was attempting perfect circles, so I decided to free cut circles from the 3″ squares. Kinda wonky square / circles, often referred to as Squircles.

Girt by Sea_Jane_Third round_5.JPG

I arranged them in the style I wanted, again, they weren’t going to be perfect so not bothered by measuring the distance etc. And then I got to work. Perfect Netflix and sew style. Mmmmm I’m sensing a trend with my love of watching TV and sewing!

I’m sure my technique will improve. Perhaps I should have alternated the circles I was sewing, so all the first attempts, getting it right ones weren’t all in one spot!

I love how this is looking. Organic and imperfect. I feel like it’s the perfect balance and transition I needed at this point in my quilt. I’m still going. Each one is getting better. And I’m glad I gave myself this challenge in the quilt.

Happy appliqueing!




4 thoughts on “Girt by me: my biggest challenge

  1. Alane Davis says:

    Hooray for you! It looks great! I am challenging myself to learn needleturn appliqué circles as well right now! And because I always make things harder than necessary, I threw I. Reverse appliqué too 😊Like you I am going for a more organic look. But I’m liking how it’s going…I realize I need a lot more practice before I try a perfect circle 😂 I wish I had joined the Girt sew along. It is such a beautiful design!


    • modernmakersretreat says:

      It’s not too late to join the sew along Alane. You can still join and win the prizes! And wow Reverse Applique. Talk about a challenge! I’m actually enjoying what I’m creating. Hope it looks good in the end! ~ Jane


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