Girt by Me: of the Log variety

I’ve made a log cabin quilt before so these blocks weren’t daunting … although … the pieces in Girt by Sea are much, much smaller. And I had this nifty ruler to square things up last time. Couldn’t be that hard right?

It wasn’t!


This was a nice and easy round. I followed Alyce’s tips of pre-cutting, chain piecing and ironing everything. I think this is one of these blocks where the 1/4 inch seam is super important. A few of my blocks were perhaps a little … wonky … but nothing a good spray of Flatter and iron couldn’t help.

As you can see, I mixed it up a little and swapped out the little centre square. Something another Girt creator did that I thought was fun.

And yes … I still haven’t finished my needle turn. Another couple to go and the ones that go over the seams and I’ll be done. We can’t rush these things ok!

Girt by Sea_Jane_Fourth Round 4.jpg

The next two rounds are getting lighter, moving to white background.

After being behind a little (although these have been made since early August, I just didn’t get the photos and blogging finished) … I’m now caught up and ahead!

Happy log-cabin creating!





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