Girt by Sea: conquering the curves

Girt by Sea_Jane_Fifth Round 1

I’ll be honest … curves scare me. Give me straight lines any day.

My logically mind just can’t get around the concave, convex .. these two bits just aren’t suppose to go together.

I was lucky to watch this rounds designer, Emma Jean Jansen give a demonstration in person back in March and I also carefully read and followed her tips in her blog post.

It’s slow going. Very slow. If you are used to whipping through blocks, forget it. Slow and steady is best here.

My tips (very similar to Emma’s!):

  • Fold and make a crease at the centre of your two pieces
  • Match the fold and pop in a pin. Place a pin at the start and finish of the seams
  • I sewed the outer piece on top, so for me it was the white piece (I reversed the pattern pieces putting my feature fabric on the ‘inside’ and the background on the outside.
  • I used my quarter inch foot and the needle down function and slowly eased the fabric, matching it as I went. Don’t stretch it or pull it!
  • Carefully iron without stretching. The pieces are on the bias cut so can distort. You can see my seams just wanted to press out so I went with that. They lay a little flatter this way.

I’m pretty happy with my curves. Both those on my body and those I created for my Girt quilt.

I used my trusty Drunkard’s Path template from our sponsors Victorian Textiles – how awesome is the Modern Makers engraving! Love it!

Girt by Sea_Jane_Fifth Round 2.JPG

Hope you can conquer your fear like I did!






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