Shhh, the Modern Makers are resting…

Always eloquent, with a knack for putting our undefined feelings into words, a recent blog post by the wonderful Cheryl Arkison really struck a chord with us…

Those of us working in the industry have been saying for a few years that it is getting worse and worse. The churn through of inspiration, the saturation of the market, the sheer volume of stuff is overwhelming even for us. It makes the hustle more exhausting as you try to find a way to differentiate yourself. Yet we too are contributing to the noise.

I always think of the Grinch and Boris Karloff saying “Oh the noise. The Noise. Noise. Noise. Noise.”

Cheryl Arkison


You may have noticed that Modern Makers has been quiet lately. A series of brutal life events has knocked our world off its axis, and we’re still trying to find our new normal.

But although this silence wasn’t by choice, we’ve realised that we’re able to think so much more clearly without the constant “noise” that we’ve been both consuming and creating. It’s giving us space to breathe and reflect, and allowing smaller, quieter thoughts to come to the fore. It’s taken us in unexpected directions creatively, and provided new perspectives on what we need and what we want.

So we’re going to embrace the peace for a while.

We know we’ll be back. We love the Modern Makers community and are still passionate about supporting Australian makers, designers and suppliers. But right now we’re taking a little rest to heal our bodies, soothe our minds and reconnect with our emotions.

Thanks for your quiet support. We hope you enjoy some peace too.

Jane, Alison and the Modern Makers Collective x









2 thoughts on “Shhh, the Modern Makers are resting…

  1. beedazed says:

    So wonderful to hear from you all. A peaceful place is a haven in this troublesome world. Step back and enjoy this wonderful place ‘to be.’


  2. Andrea Medwin says:

    Lovely ladies it is good to hear from you.

    Thinking of you both and hoping that we might be able to recreate the Hepburn Springs magic in the near future.




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