Where it all began

Back in mid 2016, passionate modern makers Alison Fanthorpe , Jane Pipke  and Jackie Gillies, joined forces and set out to find their real-life tribe in the modern making world. After scouring their feeds and identifying local makers with a matching zeal to create, laugh and share, Alison, Jackie and Jane  decided to bring these like-minded modern makers together by hosting a retreat, and Modern Makers Retreat was born.

Before the first retreat even took place, the team’s digital savvy expanded their reach with the handle @ModernMakersRetreat and, through the posting of helpful and inspiring digital content for the quilting community, grew a global community of likeminded people with modern making in their blood. A digital following on Instagram that got the attention of some amazing sponsors  who support the growth of the modern making movement today.

As well as two fantastic retreats, the first year of Modern Makers saw competitions, giveaways and the amazing collaborative Girt By Sea quilt pattern and sew along.

Huge thanks to  Jackie for being a part of the first year of Modern Makers and setting up some wonderful partnerships.

The Modern Makers Collective

As the team reflected on the exceptional first year of Modern Makers, they knew they were ready for change. Bringing in new, diverse voices to the discussion from their community, it was agreed that modern making is a movement… one that any single person in the community can drive. A diverse tribe that encourages participation, experimentation, growth and skill sharing… the Modern Makers Collective.

The Modern Makers Collective will continue to proudly showcase and support Australian and New Zealand makers, designers and suppliers.

Join the movement and find your tribe

If you’re a passionate modern maker you can join our collective by:

  • Following us on Instagram 
  • Using the hashtag #modernmakerscollective when posting your creations on instagram
  • Subscribing to our newsletter
  • Contributing an article to our blog
  • Email us for advice or suggesting a blog topic for us to explore

Meet the team behind the Modern Makers Collective

Regular contributors include:

Alison Fanthorpe @The_Baroness_Designs
Alison is our Queen of detail. Nothing gets missed. Everything is on schedule, on task, on budget and on fire! We couldn’t run this thing without her.

Alyce Blyth @BlossomHeartQuilts
Alyce is our world traveled (lived!) designer and sew-lebrity in her own right. But to us, she is just our bestie Alyce. She is wise beyond her years and provides amazing direction, insight and support.

Erin Barry @Quiltbystarlight
Erin is our modern design guru. On trend or some would say leading the trend, she inspires us with her graffiti quilting and love of all things teal.

Jane Pipke @Behind_LilPipDesigns
Jane’s ‘real’ job in marketing really comes in handy with the Collective. She loves building a network and bringing people together – virtually or in person.

Kara Kreis @karakreis
Kara is our resident tone-on-tone, rainbow and fabric expert. Currently running the show in our Facebook group, she loves to chat all things quilty.

Katherine Gray @katgraycraft
Kat is a mum of three by day, fitness instructor by night and total craft addict. She knows how to get organised, stay motivated and work efficiently to achieve her quilty goals. She must have super powers right?

Kitty Galore @janiecat58
Our resident blog writing housecat, Kitty Galore, loves the chance to chat to designers and relay the inside scoop to all.